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"The greatest prison that people live in is the fear of what other people think."

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How you can change the past

My brothers and my sisters, what if what we see isnt really there or is there but we can only see some of it. 

reality is what we observe, but that doesnt mean what we see is all. 

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If space was not infinite, what do you think that would do to the mental being of mankind?

You look at me with your soft eyes and hidden smiles. 

I can feel your heart, restless pumping your aching body to move effortless around me as you do. 

you bite down on your lip to hold on. you play with your hair to try and cure your urge. 

All is beautiful in her mind,

But Lust is not love my dear, so dream small. Or else playing with fire will only get your burnt. 

And understand, flames do not exist to hurt

They exist because they burn.

 Burning more then what you could understand, with that innocents.


Javier Gonzalez Pacheco
Tumblr URL: javiergpacheco

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Fujitsu creates tablet that tricks you into thinking you’re feeling water, pushing buttons or stroking an alligator

The Japanese firm has developed the prototype tablet device using ultrasound vibrations to mimic a variety of textures. 

These vibrations change the friction between the finger and the screen to trick the brain into thinking it’s plucking a harp, touching the skin of an alligator and more. It can also give the sensation of a slippery liquid.

Other, similar technologies change the friction between the finger and the screen using static electricity, and Fujitsu claim the use of ultrasound is a world first.

It is also a breakthrough technology because ultrasound vibrations usually need a large amount of energy to work effectively. This is the first time it’s been developed to run on smaller devices with mobile batteries.

The company claims that it can reproduce edges, ridges, protrusions and bumps as well as other sensations using its technology.

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Holy shit! This is awesome.

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